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Updated: Jan 26, 2022


Art [Is]

As we reflect on 2021, we've taken inventory of the challenges and blessings that the year reaped upon us. And we keep coming back to the same conclusion: Art brightened our days during quarantine and a time of cautiousness. It added color and flare to our masks. Art made us pay attention when tragedy struck, then provided comfort when we felt vulnerable. Art has been there for us the whole time, helping us heal.

By "us" we not only mean our family and RBA. We also mean our surrounding community, our society, and even the world.

Randolph and I sat at the kitchen table and chatted about the impact of art in our lives. We discussed what it means to us. How we may not necessarily see it, though we are constantly touched by it. Ask any entrepreneur that has to find a way to keep their business going through a pandemic. : ) Our ability to come up with new ideas is part of what makes us human. It makes us inherently creative.

Art and creativity is woven into the fabric of our day. Consider fashion, jewelry, or ANYTHING we consume that is designed by a person. When you think about it, we actually wear and use art everyday. By purchasing these things we demonstrate that art, in fact, has a direct effect on our economy. Art is an important part of our world.

Art feeds our souls. It makes us cry and makes us think. It sets trends and drives the latest tech. Art entertains us and fuels our economy.

Do you believe art is a part of everyday life? We do. Art is everywhere. It keeps us going. It is imperative for RBA and all of us to recognize how impactful art is as we begin 2022!

In this spirit, we are thrilled to introduce “Art Is”, a concept, a space, a product, a service, through which we proclaim that ART IS ESSENTIAL. And we invite you to join us on this journey to claim what ART IS for you.

Erica and Randolph

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