We are fostering authentic human connection in a digital world through creativity. All forms of art have a way of nurturing our humanity and reminds us we are all hard-wired the same way. We need and will always need human connection. The satisfaction we feel when gathering in the name of art and creativity shows us the need for connection to our own tribe. However, we are witnessing a slow degradation of face to face human interaction and cultivating of authentic relationships as technology advances. Creative businesses use technology to help us "reach" each other and connect with the consumer. Artists/artisans, and crafting provide personal and communal healing through self-expression; plus give an opportunity to find common ground with others we would otherwise not engage with. RBA Creative is using the platform of art to connect business to business, business to consumer, and individuals to their community.



We provide shared workspace to help foster new relationships between businesses owners, community events, and exhibition space for visual artists to connect with the public and always have a place to show their art.


RBA Creative was founded by Randolph Belle in 2007 as a graphic design and communications firm after several other creative businesses since 1990. RBA then evolved to be affiliated with a host of businesses that enable them to provide a comprehensive offering of creative and consulting services. In 2017, RBA Creative expanded to include co-working for creative businesses and space for visual artists. Randolph’s wife, Erica, also joined the business to run operations for the new space located in the Laurel District of Oakland, CA. Erica's background in performing arts, administration, and property management have equipped her well for this venture.

RBA is an acronym for Randolph Belle, Artist. Randolph was a visual artist in his early career; painting, airbrushing and working with youth through his nonprofit Support Oakland Artists (SOA). You can still catch him drawing or painting when he has time. Together, Randolph and Erica have created a space and business they are very proud of and is an asset to the Laurel community.

Erica and Randolph Belle