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Real Estate Consulting

Community Benefits by Design

Real estate is an amazing wealth generator— the surest way to build prosperity in under-resourced communities has been denied across generations. With extensive in real estate, community development, financing, creative placemaking, and small business support, we operate as a “powerhouse CDC,”  sourcing internal deals and providing back-of-house advisory and capacity services to organizations, municipalities, philanthropies, and the healthcare industry, working to transform neighborhoods through workforce, small business incubation, and cultural programs.  

Our projects, partnerships, and programming rise to the magnitude of the existing needs and challenges, which requires disrupting legacy paradigms. Our goal is to solve for a multiple bottom-line: positive return on investment, high sustainability practices, and tangible, long-term benefits to the community that create jobs, stimulate the economy and enhance cultural vitality. We call this approach Community Benefits by Design.

Consulting Areas

Real Estate Development

Multi-family affordable, market-rate, and mixed-use developments for nonprofit and community-based organizations, foundations, and municipalities.

Technical Assistance

  • Tax Credits and Opportunity Zones

  • Public/Private and Partnerships

  • Community Outreach and Stakeholder Engagement 

  • Community Benefit Agreements 

  • Creative Placemaking

  • Small Business and Economic Development

Health-Prescribed Housing

CDP's innovation, Health-Prescribed Housing (HPH), takes direct aim at our nation’s growing housing insecurity crises by leveraging the health insurance industry to create new streams of funding for affordable and workforce housing, and improving the health and wealth outcomes for millions of Americans.

For more information, call (510) 333-9175

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