Meet Our Artist Members

Latisha Baker is an Oakland-based artist producing fine art, wearable art and jewelry. Her primary medium is a primitive technique called pyrography (firewriter), also known as, wood burning or pyroetching. She uses a variety of types of woods and enjoys educating her clients on the creative process behind each piece.

Latisha Baker
Artist | Jewelry | Gifts

Ajuan Mance is an artist, illustrator and professor of english at Mills College in Oakland, California. She holds degrees from Brown University (BA) and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MA and PhD). As an author, Ajuan explores issues of race, gender, and literature.

She is the author of two books, Inventing Black Women: African American Women’s Poetry and Self-Representation, 1877-2000 and Before Harlem: An Anthology of African American Literature from the Long Nineteenth Century.

Ajuan Mance
Ink and Digital Collage

A traveler and visual artist, Brianna captures bold and bright images of world cultures, landscapes, and individuals. Originally from the Midwest, her life experiences inform her work, allowing her to honestly capture the world around her. Brianna’s photography company is Visuals by Bri.

Brianna Mills
Photographic Art

Rishabh Singh is a cinematographer and photographer based in Oakland. Originally from a small Himalayan town, Rishabh moved to the U.S. in 2013 to study for an MFA in cinematography. His work focuses on capturing cultures, places and people with a strong emphasis on environmental conservation. According to him, "If we don't do something about our current environmental issues, then who will?" In his free time, Rishabh travels or is off to primitive campsites to hone his night sky photography. 

Rishabh Singh
Photographic Art | Videography

Orlonda’s origins incorporate Brooklyn, NY and the Caribbean associated with it. Although very much an American, her mother's Caribbean ways have forever permeated her sense of self, her thoughts and her art. Sometimes painting feels like she’s feeding and energizing herself emotionally, spiritually and definitely visually - as if her visual receptors are on high octane.....and the world melts away.

Orlonda Uffre
Fine Artist